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What Can You Expect At Spin & Go?

Unique high energy workout

Full body cardiovascular workouts in a nightclub atmosphere – Each day is different so every workout should be different! Our classes are carefully structured to ensure that you reach your maximum potential in each class. We guarantee you a serious sweat, high calorie burn – 465 + on average, banging tunes and electric atmosphere.

Coached in every class

Our experienced and qualified coaches actively coach each workout to ensure that you achieve your maximum potential in each class. Our team of coaches eliminate all the guesswork for you by teaching you correct form on all exercises. We walk you through each movement, allowing you to master your technique and feel comfortable in a group workout setting.

Top quality equipment

We use top of the range Keiser Spinning Bikes, Ski-ergs, Assault Bikes, Concept 2 Rowers and Polar heart rate monitors.

Community & Accountability

We strive to inspire, motivate and challenge each other to ensure that we achieve our best. Our community thrives on connection – pushing each other through every session.

Session times that suit you

Access to early morning, school drop off and evening classes from 6am – 9pm

High Quality Capped Classes

All of our classes are capped at 20 people per workout to ensure that you get the attention you need and deserve to hit your goals!

Free Parking

Free parking is available in all gym locations.

What are Polar Heart Monitors
and how do they work?

Smart coaching, even smarter training.

Our fitness instructors turn your training data into personalised, actionable guidance to ensure you reach your maximum potential each class. Your Polar Heart Rate Monitor will be linked up to our screens in the studio displaying your heart rate (BPM) and how many calories you are burning throughout the class.

The system takes into account your weight, height and age to ensure an accurate calorie burn. The monitors provide a great way to track your progress and it makes exercising a lot more fun.

You will receive an email at the end of every class giving you the breakdown of your workout. Our trainers will also provide you with feedback on your polar workout. Your polar account will save all workouts so you can go back, check your progress and see how far you have come! If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Learn More about Polar!